Funeral Homes in Charlotte NC: Working with the Best

When you are searching for funeral homes in Charlotte NC, it is important that you turn to a home that is kind, understanding and compassionate.  At Carolina Funeral Service & Cremation Center, you will be working with a locally owned and operated funeral service that offers sensible and affordable choices.

Compassionate Service

At Carolina Funeral Service & Cremation Center, you will find a knowledgeable and experienced staff that can accommodate your family's wishes, no matter the faith.  We understand that both personal and often painful decisions need to be made when a loved one is lost.  We will provide advice and guidance, as well as answer any questions that you may have at this solemn time. 

Types of Services

We understand that a wide selection of choices can make the decision-making process easier.  Carolina Funeral Service & Cremation Center offers economical and premium services.  You can choose from burial or cremation funerals, as well as customized services.

  • Burial - Choose from Traditional or Graveside, includes a casket that is selected from our center
  • Cremation - Choose from Simple, Traditional, or Cremation that is followed by a memorial Service at our facility or another facility
  • Pet - Choose from Burial, or Individual or Communal Cremation

We also carry a wide range of merchandise, such as caskets, cremation urns and a memorial stationary package.  Our user-friendly website has a picture gallery of available options.


To ensure that your wishes are upheld after your death and that your family will not have an unexpected financial obligation, you can engage in pre-arrangement services to properly plan and select the services you would like.  We will go over all of your options and answer your questions.  Moving forward with funeral planning and arrangements lets you rest easy knowing that everything will be in order when you pass.

Carolina Funeral Service & Cremation Center is dedicated to providing quality service and the utmost care.  Contact us today by completing the online request form on this page.  We are open Monday through Friday and can also make appointments at your convenience.

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